stained glass

here are some of the stained glass windows i built or restored while working at a stained glass shop.

moon and star foil panel

most of the windows were built for customers, but i did get to build myself a couple of windows. the moon and star was the first panel i made. its a foil panel, which means that each piece was cut, ground to fit, wrapped with copper foil tape, then soldered together.

checkered drip

this is the first leaded window i built. accually i built one before this one, for my mom, but i didn't really know exactly what i was doing then. this is also an original design. it came out really well and always looks good hanging in a sunny window.

the wolf was built for a customer who wanted to piss of his neighbors. some of you might recognize the wolf from one of Jerry Garcia's guitars.

garcia wolf garcia wolf in the light
duplication of old window

this window was a copy, for a customer, of a window that we had in the shop. the pattern was pretty much the same, we just changed the colors.

these windows were about six-feet tall and two-feet wide, and there were three of them. they came out great and only took me a few weeks to build.

one large victorian window a pair of large victorian window

here are a couple of things i did for the shop. the clock works and that tail is a pendulum and it really swings. the round window was just to use up some extra pieces that got cut by mistake.

stained glass clock with pendulum round window with beveled center

this was a little window for a customer. they wanted it to look like a port hole on a ship, the boat in the window is theirs. i had the idea of doing the border in brass and the insides with lead to make it look a bit more like a porthole.

window that looks like a porthole window that looks like a porthole in the light
victorian restoration

here is a restoration job i worked on. the oval window was removed from the frame. it was then taken completely apart and each piece of glass was cleaned. once cleaned the window was put back together with new lead. this one was fun, i never saw the window before it was taken apart and i didn't have a pattern.

lovely rose window in the light

this was a tough one, it has little tiny pieces and really nice glass, which can be harder to cut. all that and thin lead, so everything had to fit really well. it came out great.

another fun project. this slumped bevel shade came in with about 13 broken pieces. some of the other guys in the shop slumped the glass and i beveled them. the bevels were a lot of fun, my first slumped bevels. when all the bevels were finally done i put it all back together.

broken beveled lampshade slumped bevels in the works some finished slumped bevels finished repaired beveled lampshade

here are a couple of 3d projects i did in class while at the glass shop.

stained glass kaleidoscope 3d stained glass flower