please note: PVC can be very bad for your health. please do not use PVC for your didjeridoo.

it's just a 4-foot chunk of 1-1/4-inch PVC, but it works great. i did some research when i was first interested in the didjeridoo. the advice i found suggested using 1-1/4-inch because it's easier to play and doesn't need any adaptors for a good mouthpiece size.

the whole plastic digjeridoo

i also read something that said a 3-foot chunk is good for learning to circular breathing, which i still need to work on. i've been thinking about chopping it off to 3-feet and see how it works.

close-up of smoothed mouth piece

if you want to give it a try, go for it. my chunk cost me less then $5, so it's not a huge investment. one thing i would suggest is to take a knife or round/curved file and knock the sharp edge off the inside of the tube on your mouthpiece end. makes it so much more comfortable.